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A good fragrance is placed in a gorgeous fragrance bottle to better reflect its high-end. Diversified styles are the key to fragrance bottles.

Olila can provide you with fragrance bottles, caps and pumps with different materials. The volume of glass fragrance bottles is from 30mL to 200mL, and has various shapes, such as cylindrical, rectangular, oval and so on. You can choose directly from the display or you can find us to customize the fragrance bottles for you including the printing, hot stamping, silk screening, etc.

Main Products
  • Glass Perfume Vial
  • Glass Perfume VialPerfume is loved by many people, and proper preservation of perfume involves housing it in a right perfume bottle. Olila elegant glass bottle can make the fragrance last for a longer time without losing its wonderful aroma.
  • Perfume Bottle CapThe product shown here is Olila perfume bottle cap, which is visually attractive and can add a touch of elegance to any perfume bottle. Our cap is available in a great variety of colors, styles.
  • Metal Cap for Perfume Glass BottleOur glass cream jar is especially fit for skin care package. Our company offers one-stop service including design, opening mould, sample, production, frosting, polishing.
  • Tinplate Aerosol Can
  • Tinplate Aerosol CanIn order to produce superior tinplate aerosol cans, we utilize internationally advanced equipment like Fuji P451 and P452 iron-printing machines, Germany-made KBA four-colour iron-printing machines, F451, F452 coating machines, etc.