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Lotion bottles used in daily life usually be design to the shapes of cylindrical, elliptical, etc. Some of them have pumps, some need you to pour out to use. No matter what kind, comfortable feel and non-fragile characteristics are very important. Olila can provide lotion bottles for customers. What you see are some of our glass bottles that have been matched. These glass bottles can achieve different appearance through different surface treatments. If you have higher demand, you can contact us to make them for you.

Main Products
  • 50ml-90ml Perfume Bottle
  • 50ml-90ml Perfume BottleWomen who love perfume are always keen on beautiful perfume bottles, which highlight their sense of quality. Therefore, in order to meet their needs, always demanding, Olila’s perfume bottles enjoy an attractive appearance.
  • Perfume Sprayer
  • Perfume Sprayer Dosage: 0.1cc to 0.15cc
    The finger perfume sprayer contains two springs
    High quality and advanced design
    The perfume sprayer is widely used in cosmetic and other field...
  • Perfume Bottle CapThe product shown here is Olila perfume bottle cap, which is visually attractive and can add a touch of elegance to any perfume bottle. Our cap is available in a great variety of colors, styles.
  • Tinplate Aerosol Can
  • Tinplate Aerosol CanIn order to produce superior tinplate aerosol cans, we utilize internationally advanced equipment like Fuji P451 and P452 iron-printing machines, Germany-made KBA four-colour iron-printing machines, F451, F452 coating machines, etc.