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Cream jar is usually used to contain creamy cosmetics. When using cosmetics, large diameter bottleneck is very convenient for users.

We have been supplying cream jars to our customers since 2006. These jars have been brought to the world by our customers' products. Maybe one of the jars on your desk comes from Olila. We have a variety of processing methods, such as painting, hot stamping, decal, sand blasting, etc. We can customize different styles of cream jars for customers to meet their needs.

Main Products
  • Glass Perfume Vial
  • Glass Perfume VialPerfume is loved by many people, and proper preservation of perfume involves housing it in a right perfume bottle. Olila elegant glass bottle can make the fragrance last for a longer time without losing its wonderful aroma.
  • 100ml-200ml Perfume BottleWomen always love wearing perfume, which becomes a part of their identity and imbues a sense that they can attain whatever they want. The bottle that houses the perfume is symbolic of the luxury and can reflect buyer's personal taste.
  • Perfume Bottle CapThe product shown here is Olila perfume bottle cap, which is visually attractive and can add a touch of elegance to any perfume bottle. Our cap is available in a great variety of colors, styles.
  • Tinplate Aerosol Can
  • Tinplate Aerosol CanIn order to produce superior tinplate aerosol cans, we utilize internationally advanced equipment like Fuji P451 and P452 iron-printing machines, Germany-made KBA four-colour iron-printing machines, F451, F452 coating machines, etc.