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Dispensing pump distributes products from non-pressurized containers by finger pressing and measures them in the form of flow rate to avoid waste caused by dumping and pollution caused by frequent air contact of products in containers. If you want your lotion to be able to press easily when using, or you want to spray the perfume uniform, you can find the dispensing pump meet and exceed your expectation at Olila. The following are our three major products:
1. Trigger spray with different neck finish including 28/400, 28/410, 28/415, dosage 1.0cc
2. Lotion pump with different neck finish including 24/410, 24/415, 28/400, 28/410
3. Perfume sprayer with different neck finish including 28/410, 24/415, 24/410, 22/410, 20/410, 18/410, etc., dosage from 0.1cc to 0.15cc

All of our dispensing pumps are assembled by machinery in a clean room environment and undergo 100% inline testing, to ensure our quality standards are met.

As a specialized dispensing pump manufacturer and supplier in China, at Olila we also offer perfume bottle, aerosol can, cream jar, perfume crimp pump, aerosol valve, plastic tube, and more.

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  • Perfume Spray PumpPerfume is usually being dispensed with a crimp pump. We at Olila offer a wide range of crimp pumps that are popular for perfume, liquid medicine, hair gel spray and others where a controlled fine spray application of product is necessary.