Extend Tube Actuator, Spray Can Components

The extension tube actuator is for 4mm stem valve.

Extend Tube Actuator
Extend Tube Actuator 114+L actuator, PP body, extension tube: ID-1.1mm, OD-2.2mm, length-100mm,120mm Extend Tube Actuator 023 actuator, PP body, spray tube: ID-1.1mm, OD-2.2mm
Extend Tube Actuator 2301 actuator, PP body, spray tube: ID-1.1mm, length-10mm Extend Tube Actuator 231+L actuator, PP body, spray tube: ID-1.1mm,OD-2.2mm,length-100mm,120mm,130mm,150mm
Extend Tube Actuator
241+WL actuator, PP body, PP tube Spray tube: ID-2.0mm, OD-3.55mm, length-150mm 220B+SL150 actuator, PP body, spray tube: stainless steel, ID-1.6mm,OD-2.0mm
220K+L actuator PP body, with insert, insert spray nozzle-1.2mm. Insert can fix extension tube. Tube: ID-1.1mm, OD-2.2mm, length-100mm,120mm 244M-475 actuator, PP body, copper spray head Fixed a PE tube, tube length by order, less than 50cm. Tube head's top with 3 spray nozzles.
244-474C actuator The tube top is with 3 nozzles beside the copper pin.

Olila is an extend tube actuator manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to aerosol valve actuator, we also provide aerosol valve, cream jar, dispensing pump, perfume bottle, plastic tube, aerosol can, and many others.

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