Standard Aerosol Valve

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Standard Aerosol Valve

The P series standard aerosol valve is suitable for many kinds of aerosol products.

Mounting cup Plain tinplate E8.4/E8.4, 0.28mm thickness, dimple upside, downside or without Coated lacquer tinplate, 0.28mm, without dimples, golden or clear colour Aluminium micoflex, 0.36mm without dimples.
Outer gasket Per Buna
Inter gasket Buna, Neoprene, or Butyl
Stem STD type, 4mm OD. Nylon, 1×0.5mm, 2×0.5mm, 4×0.5mm
Spring Stainless steel
Housing PA, VPH-0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, RTP-2.0mm
Dip tube PE

Olila is a standard aerosol valve manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide fast filling aerosol valve, metering aerosol valve, tinplate aerosol can, trigger spray, plastic tube, glass perfume bottle, and more.

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