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          Perfume Bottle

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          Perfume is a classic gift and is loved by most women as it can give the body or living room a pleasant scent. When purchasing the perfume, almost all people may take into account the bottle that carries the perfume inside. A perfume bottle in an attractive shape is usually hard to resist. Olila is an experienced bottle manufacturer in China. We can produce perfume bottles that are aesthetically pleasing. This is why our products are usually being kept as decorative items by users when the perfume is gone.

          To offer clients better product, we at Olila have been consistently focused on improving our perfume bottle. Due to our tireless efforts, our perfume bottle is now reliable, durable, non-toxic, eco friendly, and safe to use. Designed with great sealing performance in mind, our perfume bottle is able to keep the aroma of perfume intact for several years, as long as it is well stored. Advantages of our perfume bottle have made it increasingly used by clients all over the world.

          In order to satisfy each client's needs, we at Olila offer a vast array of perfume bottles, which are primarily made from glass and plastic materials. A variety of processing techniques are involved in achieving different surface finishes of these bottles, like spray coating, polishing, hot stamping, screen printing, and more. Our perfume bottles come in a wide selection of shapes, including cylinder, oval, diamond, pyramid, and more. Additionally, they are available in capacities from 1ml to 200ml. Furthermore, our products can be customized according to clients' special requirements.

          Backed by our advanced equipment like five automatic production lines and seven semi-automatic production lines, we are capable of an annual production of 80 million glass bottles of all types, which allows us to quickly fill clients' any sized orders.

          In addition to plastic perfume bottle and glass perfume bottle, we also offer customers other products such as cream jar, aerosol can, and aerosol valve.

          Other Products
          • Perfume Bottle CapThe product shown here is Olila perfume bottle cap, which is visually attractive and can add a touch of elegance to any perfume bottle. Our cap is available in a great variety of colors, styles, sizes, and materials such as PP, ABS, SURLYN, etc.
          • Perfume Spray PumpPerfume is usually being dispensed with a crimp pump. We at Olila offer a wide range of crimp pumps that are popular for perfume, liquid medicine, hair gel spray and others where a controlled fine spray application of product is necessary.
          • Aerosol CanThe use of this equipment enables us to guarantee the quality of aerosol cans and quickly fill clients' orders due to our large production capacity. With diameters ranging from 45mm to 84mm, our aerosol cans are widely used for packaging daily products...
          • Aerosol DEO UV CapIf you want to find a suitable small bottle for your spray, air freshener, fragrance and so on, and want to match it with a very personalized cap, you can find what you want in Olila. Olila can also do UV resistance finish, silk printing.